Excel 2010 Should you upgrade?

There are only a few differences between Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.  So what is the determining factors in considering weather you should upgrade or not?

  • First, Excel 2010 calculates a bit faster, but for most, this wont be noticeable. 
  • Spark lines (mini charts) are now included in 2010 but you can still create them in 2007.
  • Chart macro recording has been fixed in 2010.  Not something to be proud of since it should not have been broken when Excel 2007 was released, and should have been fixed in an SP release.  If you need to record chart macros, which is a need if writing such macros, then you need 2010.
  • Fill patterns which were removed in 2007 are back.  There are free add ins for 2007 if you do a search on the internet.
  • Excel 2010 handles conditional formatting much better then in 2007.
  • Excel 2010 can be run as a 64 bit application but you need to have at least 5-10 gig of memory on your PC to significantly benefit from it.
  • Microsoft improved statistical, financial, and math functions and the wizard interface in 2010.
So if you are pushing the limits of 2007 and your computer can handle the upgrade, then it might be a good idea. However if you are surviving well with 2007, save the cash.

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